Posted: January 17, 2015 in writing
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Rationalized away,
These bright, spectrum-colored feelings are
Capable of blinding superegos.
Institutionalize my thoughts, and you will find
A religion of worshipping Aphrodite after Adonis after Aphrodite…
The want swallowing up shorelines like tides of
Once-shallow outlooks.

Cry for my soul;
It will not erase a bit of this coal in my heart.
My tabula is not rasa,
My nature is not animalistic;
It is like light,
Split into factions called colors and shades and hues,
Eaten by onlookers,
Kept quiet by darkness.

And such darkness!
Fear, so oppressive it defies true love’s
Hazardous occupation in
Family circles.

Straight to hell


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