A Brief Stint in the Collection of Joys and Disappointments Known as Life

Posted: January 19, 2015 in poetry, writing
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Loose ends make awkward friends,
Don’t I know it.
I’ve never wished you anything but happiness,
But sometimes I wonder
Why you were ever happy with me
Staring back from just inches away

But you don’t just feel a person
Like we felt
Each other out.
And I’ve got no reason to feel slighted,
But every time I think of you,
I remember nights…

Awkward smiles across the room
Sitting in elevators at night, out of the cold
Watching the darkness swallow your bright eyes
Awkward good bye kiss as I left on a winter morning
All good,
All poetically beautiful,
All sublime.

A cup full of sake and a heart full of fear
Is what made us change our minds on life.

But you don’t just lose a person
Like we lost each other.
And there’s no chance of feeling again
The hurt I felt…

Walking alone at night
Feeling avoided and ignored
Watching your gaze evade my direction
Knowing that fear ruined what could have been
All sad,
All excruciating but endurable,
All mistakes.

One more cup of sake, a heart defeated by fear
Won’t make up for those moments of life
Halted by cowardice, and still I’d kiss
You again if I thought it would have meant anything.

Originally titled “Cups full of Sake”, this is an older piece, but a personal favorite of mine.


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