You Can’t Judge an Addict by its Cover

Posted: January 20, 2015 in poetry, writing
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I can explain addiction.
See, we all have this shared affliction; infliction
Of living incompletely,
Completely absorbed with interaction,
Infractions are nothing to us
If we go long enough uncaught,
Because we were always taught
That rules are meant to be bent
Or broken.

We have learned to be society,
Feigning propriety,
Varieties of sobriety fall quietly to shadows,
Undeniably inferior to the surges of feelings widening the chasm between what we are
And what we do.

We have learned to be society,
Been instructed how hard to try,
When to admit, when to deny,
And when it’s ok to have to rely on others,
Whom to call brothers.

Directed through shortcuts at every possible turn,
And convinced we could never possibly earn
Enough trust to refrain from putting promises and rules on paper.
Or on screens.
We’ve forgotten what it means
To be human.
We’ve forgotten how,
We neglect to be.
But we are, and it eats at us,
Bite-sized holes in our sanity,
Our welfare momentarily
Tabled whilst we scramble to fill them with substance,
Any kind of addiction.
Anything to make us feel
Whatever feeling we lack,
Even if that feeling is nothing at all.


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