Of Sheep and Shepherds

Posted: January 27, 2015 in art, poetry, religion, writing
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I think religion is a bad word
If it is something you are forcing;
Pushing, peddling like a drug.
It is fine to have, and fine to believe in,
Maybe you have a prescription,
Maybe it benefits you, and that is fine.

And I have been a sheep in the fold,
Long ago,
But I traded my wool, three bags full
And now stand, sheared, apart,
No faith in my heart.
And nobody knows what to say to me
As if I am no longer myself
No respect for the grave matter of my change,
You think I lost my grey matter when I rearranged
My lifestyle to no longer include your god.
You point out all these positive things about your beliefs;
Make it sound like a country club.
You list all these perks
And it irks me to hear you try to sell your religion like a salesman,
Like a telemarketer with a “special offer”,
As if it is as easy as 1-2-3.
Just sign on the dotted line.

Trying to save me from Hell,
You tell me all these benefits could be mine,
Why do I decline your offers to go to church,
To sit in the pews,
Why do I refuse to try?

And it pains me to see
You reduce your faith to
Something that can be sold
Like a vacuum cleaner,
Door to door, nothing more than a ware
To trade for one’s current state.
All of these selling points, though, I know them.
Have you forgotten I was like you?
Do you think that I’m
Simply too brainwashed or stupid to remember?
Do you honestly think that I would have left the fold,
Naked and cold,
Simply because a little doubt took hold?
No, it is insulting that you would consider my loss,
The death of my faith
To be something without any weight.


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