Closer to the Sun

Posted: February 7, 2015 in art, poetry, writing
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When the brightest things are overshadowed,
overwhelmed, overfelt, understood,
that’s when I need it the most;
that omnipresent beating thing within,
no matter how it’s writhing, squirming, devouring itself.
When release is impossible,
no matter how many screams I tear from my hollows,
Years of delusions, lies and abrasions, intrusions,
instructions not in-fucking-cluded.
I recall all too well the reasons I couldn’t say no.
And can I eclipse the past with the present?
Or will I find myself like Icharis,
soaring closer to the sun, burnt from trying 
to compensate for the clouds you’ve strewn my life with?
Melted from the oppressive heat, a slave to backlash?
Am I to be reprimanded for my mistakes so cruelly?

Yeah, Karma’s a bitch.


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