Posted: February 8, 2015 in art, poetry, writing
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Oblivion seemed so welcoming, open until it tried to swallow my memory of love.
Indifference seemed like the best kind of numb till I couldn’t feel the rain anymore,
blindness…. until I couldn’t see the stars.
I’d give up my memories to hear “I love you” from your lips again;
to have you realize the kind of depth I knew cuz
You claim
To have known
So why does surprise arise, light the fire in your eyes when you ask me “why?”
Hamlet said “Never doubt I love” and you, dear, are my Ophelia
…… were…..
Roles reversed, because the helpless is me now,
And you’re the one who’s seeing ghosts.
And I see you crying in my dreams, breaking, dying, lying with your smile.
Music howls at me in shreds of torment, regret, ruing time spent waiting.
You needed more from me than I knew to give
Trust makes me blind to the damage in your eyes
The hollows of your lies, the meaning of your goodbyes.
Devil beside you, heaven beside you, conflict within you.
Had you ever known the way I’ve seen you, perceived you, felt you,
More than skin and bone and soul under my fingers,
More than an ocean to submit to tides and gravity;
You were life. Pastpresentfuture in a box with a bow.


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