Facing Off

Posted: February 13, 2015 in art, poetry, writing
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Three wise men burned up
In an Irish car bomb,
And moments spiraled, ever more pivotal,
Condemnation inevitable,
Indiscretions in a drunken flow
Of late-night confession,
Cuz I’m pissed off, dammit,
So I’m gonna tell you I love you
And sleep elsewhere.
Cuz that’ll show drunk you from drunk me
While hung over me tries to remember
Where we left our keys.

Inebriation is annihilation,
Nihilism-wisdom; intuition
Feudalism nonexistent.

Can’t feel my legs
Like I couldn’t feel my numb lips when I
Kissed that chick
You flirted with.
She’d’ve cried wolf at first light anyhow.
We’re bad choices for bad choice-makers,
And don’t you know
That I know
You’ll find someone else.

And don’t you know
That I know
I won’t leave when you do.

Ingenious, the way we do this;
Intelligence, madness betwixt
The indignant and irreverent
Webs, entrails of very heavy words hissed
By such sweet lips.

Any guy could make me cry,
But only your hands on my shoulders could make me stop.


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