4 a.m. Candor: I Wait, Terrified.

Posted: February 20, 2015 in art, poetry, writing
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The foolishly unsleeping heart
Concrete with sorrow,
Leaden feet face tomorrow,
Harrowed thoughts on paled skin,
Undone in remembrance.
You and I, resembling fondness,
Soberly weeping with unfettered meanings,
Dammed eyeworks fixed sideways;
Candor more comfortable with contact unseen,
Only felt.
Intimate, hidden from even distant planets,
Our dealings somehow shameful
Until you felt warm.

I serve to warn as example with endless interpretation,
Bottomless, relentless tribulation,
Fallow trepidation
Punched out of frequent purchase cards:
Never reaching free.

I have stared at you for days, and it is not something I do.

I would rather stand with you in the rain
Than to divulge or indulge in further pain


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