Purpose (Batteries not included)

Posted: February 23, 2015 in art, poetry, writing
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It’s a night for Elton John, Three Dog Night and a glass of water.
No blue pills required. 
When wondering turns to knowing, evolves to certainty,
and the skewed is laid out in cocaine-style lines
instead of jumbled like spaghetti noodles,
this. is. peace. 
A change of scenery leads to serenity,
where I am free to think any way that occurs to me.

My glass is neither half full nor half empty;
it contains the often forgotten air as well. 
To be taken so for granted,
to be overlooked and abused like air,
is to be what lovers claim “you are my air”.
Do not treat me like you treat it. 
Neither, like water, will I let you poison me, heat me, boil me. 
I. am. fire.
Consume. Produce. Heat. Light. 
Fueled at others’ expense. 

I make tracks in the earth, shallow and quick
connected to the flow of life, with a fast heart and pounding feet.
I am soft to the touch, difficult to catch.
Easily manipulated when in terror, struggling against the snares,
to bound free over earth, below sky
loving, nurturing, comforting, inquiring, listening
Oh, to keep going and going and going…
I. am. rabbit. 
Lucky feet and wild eyes.
Burrows in the earth when hiding, sleeping, Safe.


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