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Posted: March 26, 2016 in writing

I have plans now
That don’t include
Anyone else.



Posted: March 13, 2016 in writing

For all the nights I could have
Stepped across that very blurry line
That I dwell on as if it were a place to be made home,
I am grateful that I did not.
That I, for once, refrained;
That I remained in the blur.
In the gray.


Posted: March 8, 2016 in poetry, writing
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My sincere regrets
To every girl I shot down;
I did not mean to lie.

It seems remiss to say I didn’t know,
Because of course I did,
Didn’t I? I don’t know.
How could I have differentiated
My impulses to comb flaxen waves of hair with my fingers
From heteronormal sleepover behavior?
It’s so normal for chicks to touch,
Hugs and cheek kisses, cuddles?
Wasn’t I just affectionate and touchy-feely
Until that girl kissed me, changed me?
But if we’re born this way, how could…
Was I born bi?
Conditioned “straight”?